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Starting TURALIO

The process for filling a TURALIO prescription is different than how you normally get a prescription at your local pharmacy. The steps below tell you how to get your prescription from the specialty pharmacy.

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How to get your medication

How to get your medication

Icon of the number 1Once your doctor writes your prescription for TURALIO, you and your doctor will fill out and sign any needed paperwork.

Icon of the number 2Your doctor will send your prescription to a specialty pharmacy called Biologics. Biologics will contact you to find out where you want your medication shipped and provide you with information about meeting the requirements for the financial assistance program.

Icon of the number 3Within a few days, Biologics will ship the medication to your home/preferred location. If you meet the requirements for a patient financial assistance program, you will be automatically enrolled and given more details about the program.

Biologics may contact you with more information about your TURALIO prescription.

Because of the risk of serious liver problems, TURALIO is available only through a restricted program called the TURALIO REMS Program. Your healthcare provider must be enrolled in the program for you to be prescribed TURALIO. There is a registry that collects information about the effects of taking TURALIO over time. You must complete and sign an enrollment form for the TURALIO REMS Program and the registry. Ask your healthcare provider for more information.

Please call Biologics with any questions about your TURALIO prescription at 1-800-850-4306
(fax: 1-800-823-4506). For questions about how to take the medication, please call your doctor.